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Rotary Nailslotting

Rotary Nailslotting Rotary Nailslotting Rotary Nailslotting Rotary Nailslotting

Our Rotary Nailslotters or Drag style slotters are being used at line speeds in excess of 200 feet per minute. Their durability and quality results have made them the choice of many extruded vinyl manufacturers. Using our Standard Quick Change Mounts, customers can change from a Panel Nail Slotter Insert to an Accessory Nail Slotter Insert in less than one minute!


Nail Slotter Insert

The rotary blades are manufactured from premium grade high-speed steel and are driven by the product. The anvil blocks are supplied with carbide inserts for long life. We can accommodate many different slot sizes and spacings. Slug chipping blades are also available to cut the scrap into small segments that can be sent directly back to the extruder.

When used in a quick-change system, our nail slotter inserts can be changed in less than one minute. Any needed maintenance can then be done without disrupting production. This system can be supplied as a stand-alone unit, on a Puller Mount quick Change Plate, on a Stand Alone Frame, or in combination with other units such as a weephole punch, Puller, or as a complete quick-change system with any of the above units.


A Multipurpose Slotter configuration uses 2 Quick Change Slotting Inserts on the same frame to slot both legs of Inside and Outside Corner post simultaneously. This special frame allows both units to rotate 45 degrees either up or down from the horizontal position to provide maximum versatility. The units are also fully adjustable vertically (electrically or manually) to align with the product flight line. This Frame can also be used to Slot all Accessory Products along with a standard Panel. As easy as changing out one Nail Slot Insert with a Weep Hole Insert, and your off and running! We have a modular design that allows us to use the same components for different size products. Keeping things standard in this non-standard business is our JOB. This also allows us to keep items on the shelf and produce items in mass quantities keeping our replacement costs low and deliveries quick!

Our Slotters have many features that bring a quick payback to the user. They have been designed to be both durable and light. The ease of adjustment and sharpening helps reduce the cost of maintenance. The use of durable Hardened Tool Steel & Carbide for cutting edges extends tool life. Other slotter components are made from anodized aluminum, Bronze, Zinc Plated mild steel or stainless steel to minimize corrosion.


We also offer an Air Assist option in which an Air Motor is attached to the Nail Slotter Shaft to reduce drag on the Part & Puller. You cannot run a Part thru on the bench without helping push the product thru. This works well when a Slotter has more than 2 blades on one shaft.


Special units to punch slot vent openings in soffit panels valleys have been designed and are in use in several facilities. These units use an integral puller to provide smooth and trouble free operation. We have several different styles. Please ask for info!

Remember custom is what we do!
Please contact us with your specific requirements. Our engineering staff awaits the opportunity to meet your needs.

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