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High Speed Flying Shear Press

A press that cuts consistently is a valuable asset to the extruder’s process. It allows for a more consistent panel length, thereby reducing scrap and also allowing the extruder to run their cut length at the bottom of their tolerance, hence saving material.

Our presses are designed to accomplish this goal. The oil shear clutch and brake causes the top platen to stop more consistently than the systems used on other brands of presses. In addition, the control system is constantly adjusting to the variables of air pressure and temperature. Special consideration was given to designing a press that would be safe, durable and require little maintenance.

Our Full Size Press has two different Rail spacings (size suitable to run Skirting panels), while our Midsize Press has only one Rail spacing. All Press Rails are manufactured from Hardened & Precision Ground Tool Steel, to provide Accuracy & long life! Our Top Guard hinges and swings out of the way to provide access from 3 sides. An Automatic Lubrication System lubricates all Press moving parts as well as providing (2) Flexible lubrication lines to attach to the Dies or Carriages.

A complete quick-change die system is available to be used in these presses. With this system, dies can routinely be changed in less than 1 minute.

Please review the specifications to see which one of our presses could be an asset to your manufacturing environment.

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Similar to our above Mechanical Presses, we offer these presses with a Servo Option instead of a Clutch/Brake for the Crank & Pneumatic Accelerator Cylinder. A Servo Drives the Press Crank & a Servo with a Ball Screw will provide Linear Motion to the Die. These two Servo’s are Electrically Geared together to provide an EXTREMELY ACCURATE CUT!  Provided that a consistent signal is being provided from an Encoder. This system will provide Panel lengths consistent to each other in the thousands of inches tolerance realm!

Remember custom is what we do!

Please contact us with your specific requirements. Our engineering staff awaits the opportunity to meet your needs.

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